Mum on the Run – It’s cold. Bring back the tights!

I don’t know about you but recently I feel that I have been in limbo – rather like when Kate was dumped by Prince William – would she or wouldn’t she be the next Queen of England?  Except my being in limbo didn’t stem from whether Prince William wanted to marry me or not but rather, will it be warm today? 

There I was, merrily jigging along (probably a bit like Kate pre-dumping), the sun was shining, the winter clothes had been put away and I was certain that it was set to stay like that until October and then bam!  Here we are, cold again.  I was resolute in my refusal to dig out the tights but then I realised that I couldn’t continue to wear trousers and thick socks until the sun came out again.  So, whilst Kate hit Mahiki with lots of young men to show Wills what he was missing, I have resorted to wearing tights as I refuse to be backed into a corner by the weather. I doubt my wearing tights again will have little impact on anything of any significance but the point is this – I have taken control again and you know what, I feel much better for it.

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