Mum on the Run – holiday packing

We are off on our hols tomorrow so I am madly trying to pack and work out whose luggage allowance I can pinch for some of my own things.  We have just bought our youngest one of those Trunki suitcases and I have to say it’s looking promising.  Apart from her computer and some Peppa Chocolate balls, there seems a remarkable amount of space – so that’s certainly an option.  Maybe the Dora stories will just have to stay at home for a week.

I don’t think that we are going to be experiencing a heatwave in the Channel Islands but I can’t wait to go.  Most of all I am looking forward to crab sandwiches and tea on the beach with proper cups and saucers (not that I drink tea but I like watching others do it.)  We will body board, eat Guernsey Ice Cream and play on the beach.  All very famous five!

So, there may be a break from pictures for a while with them appearing on my return or I may manage to do them whilst I am away.  Whatever, it’s not going to be a showcase of designer gear – more likely thick cardigans and fleeces – but that’s fine by me if it’s fine with you!

Enjoy half term and see you soon.


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