Mum on the Run- holiday day 3

My photo from day 2 has come a bit of a cropper but I will try to post it when I return home.  Today saw us playing on the beach, visiting family and generally faffing about.  The crab consumption remains high and the fruit and vegetables around here are amazing – so we are being fairly healthy.  Even the calvados contains fruit – result!

Our three year old is keeping us amused and has developed some impressive habits – swearing and burping (both ends) with great gusto and great glee.  Her favourite phrase is “Oh, you silly old bugger.” We keep trying to explain that none of these habits are really acceptable in polite society but given that we are all trying not to laugh at the time, she doesn’t seem to be taking us terribly seriously.

Having not packed a huge amount to take on holiday, today was really a question of wearing something different from the day before, as opposed to anything else.  I have an inordinate amount of striped tops with me so went for plain muted colours today – straight leg jeans, white long sleeve top, lilac top and cream cardigan.  I remained warm and comfortable, it worked on the beach and on the monkey bars at the play area so all was fine by me.

Jeans Gap, White top Topshop, Lilac top Gap, Cardigan Hobbs, Sequin trainers M&S

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