Mum on the Run – Wide linen trousers

The good thing about white wide legged linen trousers is that they are comfortable and keep you cool.  The bad thing is that they crumple easily and unless expensive and lined (in which case they are likely to be dry clean only) you can often see the pockets through them, plus underwear etc.  The fact that they are white can make the hips look wider and the fact that they are linen which gives, means that they can  look less fitted than they should, quicker than they should. Not sounding too hopeful is it?

The trouble is that I love white linen in the summer.  The answer? To wear a long top over them.  This deals with pockets/underwear/wide hips/too loose issue fairly well (and if the top is dark it means that you can’t see anything that you have sat in – bonus.) 

I am wearing probably one of the most popular French Connection tops that they have ever made – I don’t necessarily say that in a good way more a “wherever you go you will see people wearing this top” kind of way.  However, it is a really versatile top.  For those with the legs it can be worn as a dress and dressed up for the evening, it can also be worn on the beach with flat sandals.  As someone who doesn’t spend much time in short dresses or on the beach, I layer it over either wide or skinny legged trousers.  For those of you who are slightly wary of stripes, the fact that the stripes are against a dark background makes it easier to wear than the other way round.  Oh and the elbow length sleeves are handy too. 

Trousers Kew, Top French Connection, Converse Jones


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  1. Looking Fab in your forties
    April 17, 2011 / 5:21 pm

    I solve the problem with a nude knicker from M&S. Hope you are well x

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