Mum on the Run – White jeans

It was slightly warmer today so it was time to bring the white jeans back into action. Whilst I saw some women in strapless maxi dresses I didn’t feel that it was quite warm enough for me to reveal any more.  Also, whilst the trends dictate that head to toe white is the way forward it would have to be a really hot day for me to embrace that one full on! I put the jeans with a navy Cos top which I love but which is a bit too thin for the colder months together with silver Carvela sandals and a statement necklace. 

It all worked fine for our picnic but later I substituted the sandals for converse when I again took two of our three “scootering”.  Blimey the three year old can’t half shift it on that scooter of hers.  The training that I did with the Royal Marines this morning wasn’t a patch on what she threw my way!

Jeans Gap, Top Cos, Shoes Carvela, Necklace Next.

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