Mum on the Run – A weekend away

I have been away for a few days to sunny Brighton to see family and friends – hence the lack of pictures.  Having walked some not inconsiderable distances in heat, high heels and amongst the crowds, these are my top five style observations/tips when it comes to the summer wardrobe:

  • Buy a box of plasters.  It’s not true that our feet toughen up over the winter months.  All those snuggly socks and covering up turn our feet into wimps so that at the first sign of a strappy sandal they blister;
  • Always, always always check your view from the rear because even if you don’t, others will.  I shall say no more;
  • Always check what you look like when on the move – bits that look firm and toned when standing still can take on jelly like qualities when on the move;
  • Novelty anything just doesn’t work on anyone over the age of about 12;
  • Put aside your fears and wear white.  As long is the ice cream is vanilla and the alcohol is champagne/gin/vodka or white wine you’ll be fine.  We all know that an ice cream and alcohol diet is good for the soul – well, for a short time anyway. Oh yes, and remember to leave the children elsewhere – they have a tendency to be a bit mucky.

PS – The bottom on display in the photograph – it’s not mine!


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  1. Amanda Y
    April 26, 2011 / 3:10 pm

    I'm loving the blog- and don't comment every day, but am really enjoying your personal take on fashion. Great tips here, and maybe I will try white this summer!

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