Mum on the Run – Running to stand still!

Oh golly, sorry no picture today – but a photo of today’s outfit will appear tomorrow.  It all started out so well but when I got home I changed (into something not worth showing you) as I was swapping the children’s bedrooms around.  It then all went down hill from there as I got distracted by a fire at a local school (I even watched the local news, having wrestled the remote from the three year old as Dora is normally on at that time).  So, until tomorrow, here is a thought for you to ponder instead:

Assuming that you had just a little bit more of a few things – time/money/legs/boobs, for example, and a little less of some other things, how would it change the way that you dress? The idea is not to go too far from where you are now but to think how, with a few little tweaks here and there, you would change your wardrobe. On that note I will go and do some pondering myself.


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