Mum on the Run – Rimmel Sun Shimmer

I am going to devote the next few posts to dealing with problems that arise during the summer months – lack of tan, not wanting to show too much of our feet/toes/upper arms/legs and so on. 

Today is the turn of lack of tan -specifically on our legs.  Now, for those of us who are unlucky to face that as an issue, we have two options – fake it or wait until we have exposed enough of our white legs for them to go brown. I just do not tan on my legs, ever, so I have to fake it.  The problem is that I am allergic to fake tan as it brings me out in a rash – so here is the answer – Rimmel Sun Shimmer. This is my third year of using it. It isn’t a fake tan, rather an instant tan bronzing spray which washes off.  What I love about it is the price, its easy application, lack of strong smell and its effectiveness.  Because you can see where you are putting it you can blend it really easily and even it out with baby wipes. It take seconds to dry so there is none of that tacky feeling and it isn’t orange.  It is available in two shades – golden or bronze and costs £7.99.  I suppose it takes the fun out of waiting to see whether the fake tan has worked or whether you have tangoed yourself but I can live with that!

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