Mum on the Run – the pink Mulberry gets an outing

Oh what an evening!  Our disorganisation at getting the union jack bunting for the wedding tomorrow meant that we ended up with the stuff that no-one wanted – the England flag – and now our house looks like it is inhabited by football hooligans. 

Our eldest made red cupcakes for our street party but ran out of red food colouring so they are pink.  She wanted me to take her out to get more food colouring but as I had had some gin I wasn’t going to drive – and come to think of it nor was it too bright a thing to do prior to going to a yoga class.  On returning from the yoga class I had to tidy the kitchen which I swear had every bowl, implement and utensil known to man all over the worksurfaces and the floor is somewhat sticky.  Her and that flippin’ balloon whisk again!

Our son had a friend round whose Grandma happened to have won Wimbledon some years ago.  On asking him whether he was any good at tennis he responded to the effect that he would be if his Grandma could be bothered to get her finger out, stopped walking the dog and gardening and taught him how to play tennis.  Well it was a concise answer I suppose.

So to the clothes – it was suprisingly cold this morning so I layered a silk printed blouse with a bow under a bat wing jumper and added navy trousers and gold wedges.  I also wore a trench coat which kept the chill out until it warmed up. Having finally braved treating the pink Mulberry it too came out for an outing.  Its size and strap length are really good when shopping.

In answer to last night’s “thought for the day” I decided that I am really lucky and that I don’t need either more or less of anything – but if I could only look how the mirror in French Connection (Birmingham)makes me look then I would just be a tinier bit happier.  It just stretches me out a bit! Go take a look some time.  Have a great day tomorrow.

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