Mum on the Run – Mother’s day outfit

Mother’s day could have brought all sorts of clothing dilemmas with it – if I let it.  I started off in tennis things and a swimming costume so that was easy.  After that there wasn’t much time to think about what to wear before going out to lunch and everyone seemed to need a piece of me – leaving even less time.  One thing I did know – I felt cold and dressing as if it was summer was only going to make me miserable.  So I opted for some fairly smart navy trousers, Oasis boots (with knee high socks for warmth but don’t tell anyone) and a new blouse from Hobbs’ NW3 collection.  It has a nehru collar and little gold buttons with a tie at the waist and I thought that it would work equally well with these trousers, jeans and white trousers moving on into summer.

I shortly going to start covering the essential items in your capsule wardrobe – covering one or so item each day.  I consider that there are fifteen essential items, which will be broken down slightly further as we go along.  As the warm weather is on its way, now might be as good a time as any to start thinking about those useful pieces that will work hard for you during the summer months.  If you have any tips, items in your wardrobes or brands that you find particularly useful for you, please do share them with me and I will try to feature them (I say “try” only because I don’t know if my technological limitations will prevent me from succeeding – but I am sure that I will get there in the end!)

If you have any friends who you think might be interested then please do get them to drop by and sign up to receive their daily update.  Finally, I will be doing a style slot this Thursday on BBC Radio WM at about 10.30am, should you fancy tuning in!

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