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It was colder today than it has been of late so I knew that layers would be the order of the day.  After years in the wilderness, my denim shirt has now become a favourite piece in my wardrobe.  Combined with khaki cargos, a pretty blouse from Zara, a leopard print belt and pink shoes, I was sorted for the day ahead.

On reaching my friend’s house she observed what a pretty blouse I was wearing and then realised that her (12 year old) daughter had the same one – and similar coloured trousers.  Oh flip – so I am now dressing like a 12 year old. 

On reflection I have concluded that it is not that I am dressing too young for my age, or that she is dressing too old for her age – it’s just that these days when you reach 40 you don’t have to head for the block pleated skirts with twin set and pearls. However I am conscious that I should not tread on my own daughter’s fashion toes, and one should never close one’s mind to new fashion possibilities so – Eastex and crimplene here I come!

Trousers Gap, Denim shirt Next, Blouse Zara, Shoes Clarks

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