Mum on the Run – The practical look

I had a great time last night at the Radisson hotel in Birmingham, doing a style evening with some of the city’s top PA’s.  They were a lively chatty bunch, which was fantastic.  Earlier in the day I did a Wardrobe Consultation with a lovely client.  As we sorted through her summer clothes she pulled something out and proclaimed “Great, the dog’s bandana” – I have come across some unusual items in people’s wardrobes but that is the first dog’s bandana that I have seen.  Cool dog!

Today I did some shopping – for me!  I have spent the last month or so shopping for everyone else but today it was my turn- not that I am wearing any of it below!

As it was such a lovely day we did the long walk to school and back, hence the converse.  I also wore navy peg leg cotton trousers and my striped H&M top.  None of earth shattering but it did the job as I truly was a Mum on the Run and a Mum in a rush today.  Just so that you know, I am giving myself a day off tomorrow, returning Sunday.  Have a great weekend!

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