Mum on the Run day 31 – Fun in the sun

I knew that, being a Saturday, there was the potential for lots of different activities (the main one being tripping over endless toys as our youngest now empties out her toy baskets so that she can wear them on her head and pretend to be a scarecrow – don’t ask!) so I stuck to the safe option of jeans, striped top, long layered top  underneath and sequin trainers.  The yellow and green stripes on the top, whilst not too bright, aren’t the easiest colours to wear so I put on a scarf to break them up a bit.  At least the oufit seems conducive to action – which is what it’s all about on a Saturday really! Off to another style party tonight so must dash to get ready…..

Outfit: Jeans Gap, Long top Jigsaw, Striped top French Connection, Sequin trainers M&S

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