Mum on the Run day 26 – A High Street dress for a night out

This is the tale of the dress that nearly wasn’t! Having bought it yesterday morning when I was in town with our eldest, she offered to carry it for me – which was really sweet of her except that on arriving home, we didn’t have it with us.  I blame myself – I should have known better really.  After all this is the girl who,only the day before, locked my keys in the house (with the rest of us outside) and who is currently unable to find either her phone or her ipod.  Anyway after going back into town and retracing our steps the dress was found in M&S.  I was pleased on many levels but mainly because I would have had to carry through the threat to return her new converse to the store – and that would have been hard on her – and on me as they are pink and very nice (and we are also now the same shoe size so I plan on pinching them occasionally when she is at school.)

Anyway, I was out last night at a charity event and this is what I wore – a simple column dress which I had spotted in Zara earlier in the week.  I liked the fact that it was so simple and not black.  It came with a really pretty belt and as it had a high neckline didn’t require a necklace.  I was short on time in getting ready so the fact that it didn’t need much accessorising was a good thing!   Having now worn it for a night out, I think that I will have it shortened to wear on those long hot summer days (dream on) with some flat sandals.

Outfit  – Dress Zara, Shoes LK Bennett, Bag Reiss, Watch Storm.

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