Mum on the Run day 25 – Garden Party

Having spent the morning shopping with our daughter, I decided to spend a bit of time outside with the other two who wanted to go on the trampoline.  This also gave me the chance to hang out the washing – I know, the excitement of it – and take photographs of where the shed had been broken into (the insurers needed it). 

On reaching the shed I realised that it had been broken into again – my, the commitment and dedication of the local thieves – but all was not lost.  Fortunately the police had used the other side of our fence to put up a notice with their number on it, should we find that we had been the subject of a crime.  How convenient was that?  So, no more than sixty seconds later and the crime was reported.  As we are “repeat victims” someone will be out to see us within the next hour.  Great service but I do wonder whether their energies might be better spent three miles down the road in the heart of the city.

So, to the outfit.  Having removed the boots that I was wearing for my earlier shopping trip I simply donned my apron and spotty wellies and I was done.  Tres chic (or not) as the case may be.

Outfit: Gap jeans ultra straight, Navy Cardigan Warehouse, Apron Cath Kidston, Wellies Next, Scarf Cos

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