Mum on the Run day 23 – LBD

Apologies about the photo – it has been a really busy day today and I am whacked!  I styled the most lovely lady today- she is Spanish and has come here to learn English, which she is doing incredibly well.   Unfortunately my only Spanish comes from Dora the Explorer.  She made a  much better job of communicating with me than I did with her but we had a fabulous day.  So as to remain true to the philosophy behing the “Mum on the Run” feature, I wore the above shoes all day, as a result of which my feet were killing me at the end of it. 

The styling day was followed by cooking several meals and herein lies the rub – an extraordinarily large gin, made by our daughter – hence the dodgy photo.  No amount of blusher and lipstick could rescue me!

Anyway, having told you about my day – let’s get to the outfit:  Jigsaw black jersey dress, Coral French Connection top layered underneath, Black Gap jacket, Jigsaw pendant, Hobbs NW3 shoes, Miu Miu bag.  The outfit looks better than in the photo (or maybe that’s just the gin!)

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