Mum on the Run day 20 – High Jinx

What a beautiful day it was today and for me that can only mean one thing – being outside.  Monday is my day off with our youngest, so we can usually be found swimming, at the park or at home baking.  We did the baking but today swimming was abandoned in favour of the Botanical Gardens and later the park.  This was followed by a trip to ballet and then walking to school to collect one of the other two.

There was a lot of pressure on today’s outfit – I needed to be able to walk a long way comfortably; I needed  to be cool enough after pushing the pushchair up hills but warm enough to walk back from school at 5.00pm when the temperature had dropped.  I tell you, those stars in LA have it easy – constant temperature plus never walking anywhere!

So the footwear had to come first and I felt that it was time to dig out the faithful pink converse.  They have served their time but they are still a firm favourite.  Gap jeans together with two long sleeved tops layered on top of one another (one pink stripes, one plain grey) a navy v-neck jumper and my cream leather jacket did the job for me today.  I also added a spotted scarf (which double up as mittens for the youngest on the way home) and a cocktail ring -which is completely out of sight!  I got as far as taking off the jacket whilst walking but the rest stayed firmly on.  Nothing could persuade me to lose another layer – not even the people wearing shorts!

Outfit: Shoes: Office, Jeans Gap, Striped top Gap, Grey top Jigsaw, Navy jumper White Company, Jacket Oasis, Scarf Boden

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