Mum on the Run – Cadbury’s Purple

Today was a bit of a mish mash day – visit to the dentist, trip into Birmingham, bit of work from home, ferrying the children around and so on.  I didn’t need to be too smart but given that I was in the shops I didn’t want to be too much of a scruff either.  So I resorted to my trusty Cos trousers and then worked in a bit of colour and texture with stripes, a wool jumper (almost the shade of Cadbury’s purple – well, we are in Birmingham) and a scarf.   I had a navy coat on for most of the day and the shoes definitely worked better when I had the coat on than when I didn’t but carrying two pairs of shoes with me just so that I could change when I took my coat off wasn’t going to happen. Ever!

For once I was actually warm – not convinced that I am ready to lose too many layers yet though.  Unlike many, I haven’t quite mastered the art of stripping off to strappy tops as soon as the sun shines.

Outfit: Trousers Cos, striped top Gap, jumper Hobbs NW3, shoes Clarks, bag LK Bennett

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