Day 18 – Jobs but fun stuff too!

I don’t know about you but I have this notion in my head that Saturdays will somehow be different from every other day of the week – carefree, relaxed, harmonious with me wafting around in a lovely dress and heels.  The reality is so different.  Saturday has become the day to catch up on all the other jobs that I should have done in the week – so I am really a Mum on the Run in its most basic form.  Hence the outfit above! 

Because my husband is also at home, the front door is often open whilst he goes about sorting out the detritus left in the car by the children during the week (bless him!)  Or the windows are open, or the back doors and so it is just chillier than normal.  I figure that I have two options – whinge, or just put more clothes on.  This week I decided on the latter and wore my snowflake cardigan from Cos – I really love it, in a naff Wham (Last Christmas) kind of way! I think that it will soon have to be retired from my wardrobe until next winter, so it’s good to get the use out of it whilst I can.  The photo is taken in a shoe shop, whilst shopping for school shoes for our son!

However, we also had friends coming over for an early dinner so I changed my outfit to something a little more exciting.  I kept the same jeans , but turned them up and swapped the shoes for some high ones with a flower on the ankle strap.  I also swapped my top for a sequinned one.

Outfit 1 : Gap jeans, Jigsaw jumper, Converse, Cos cardigan.

Outfit 2: Gap jeans, Reiss top, Jigsaw shoes.

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  1. Looking Fab in your forties
    March 6, 2011 / 12:35 pm

    I feel the same, weekends are much busier, in fact I just said something on twitter to that effect! Great outfit, both day and night x

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