Day 17 – A printed skirt

Today was a bit of a mish mash day – running first thing, haircut, food shopping, working at home, collecting leaves in the garden and ferrying various children to tennis/ballet etc. 

I felt like wearing a skirt but knew that I was likely to be cold whilst sitting at the computer so I went for the usual thermal tights.  I also layered two thermal vests underneath my navy sequinned jumper and then added my long Cos cardigan for extra warmth.  My skirt is tulip shaped and because it is fitted, I can get away with wearing a looser long line cardigan over the top without it bulking me out too much.  I don’t think that it would work as well with a fuller A-line skirt as there would be too much fabric.

All in all the outfit worked well and later on I swapped the skirt for jeans and wellies when in the garden. If I had had more time I would have dug out some other shoes for a change but Mum on the Run was running so as not to be late – so the red ones made another appearance!

Outfit: Skirt Oasis, Jumper Warehouse, Cardigan Cos, Shoes Kurt Geiger

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