Mum On the Run

Mum on the Run is a new daily feature on my blog. Each day -well, that is the plan – I will post a picture of what I am wearing. 

As a “Mum on the Run” I face many of the challenges that lots of you face on a daily basis – too much to do, too little time.  Like you, in any one day I may go from a business meeting, to meeting a client in the shops or at home, to doing the school run, dashing home and doing dinner and homework before getting on with the evening chores.

I am lucky in that styling people is my job – so I ought to be able to do it for myself – but there are always hiccups along the way – right coloured tights, wrong place (the wash maybe), right heel height, wrong shoe.  Black outfit but only a blue coat to go with it, the various lengths of clothes not quite working.  Does it matter?  Together we can find out. 

There are lots of blogs – many of them fascinating – where women have done something not dis-similar.  At the Uniform Project, Sheen Matheiken wore the same dress for a year.  Others create as many different outfits with as few a pieces as possible.  I am not trying to do either  – first,  because they have already been done so well but secondly because I wanted this to be a little different.

There will be successes and failures but what I hope to be able to do is to give you some ideas on how to dress stylishly without breaking the bank, using pieces that you already have in your wardrobe.  Sometimes you may like the colour combinations, sometimes not.  Sometimes you may like the principles of the outfit but not the outfit itself.  My advice is to take on board the positives and leave the rest. If nothing else, I hope that it gives you a giggle.  Fashion is meant to be fun!

A word of warning – I fully expect some of the photographs to be less than perfect but that’s fine by me. Whoever happens to me near me on a particular day may get the job of photographing me – so watch out – no mean feat because I hate having my photograph taken!

Why have I called the feature “Mum on the Run”?  Because it has many meanings.  In a literal sense you may be running around – from home, to school, to work, out to lunch, back to the office, back to school – the list goes on.  Or, you may be running from someone – yourself perhaps – or something – or to someone – or something.  Perhaps you are running on empty and need inspiration.  Whatever it may be, I hope that Mum on the Run becomes a pleasurable part of your day.

So, tomorrow is the day to get started.  Let’s see how we get on…Gulp!


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