Mum on the Run – Jean Genie

As it is half term next week I will be at home with our youngest, whilst our eldest two are off skiing.  Our youngest is still only three – and whilst naturally she is “a big girl” there is still a certain amount of nose wiping, sticky fingers, lifting in and out of car seats, sticking, painting, crawling on the floor and tripping over toys involved.

For the next 7 days I will wear nothing but jeans.  Each day I will show you how to style your jeans in a different way – and they will all be daytime looks.  Although you may not all be in the same position as me next week, I have no doubt that the majority of you will wear jeans at the weekends and so these looks may keep you going for a while.  Wearing jeans for 7 days will be a challenge for someone who likes her skirts and dresses but I am looking forward to it.

It has always been the intention that Mum on the Run posts should be honest and represent what I am actually wearing for the entire day – shoe swaps aside.  So forgive the possible lack of cocktail rings, necklaces and other accessories that I would normally wear when I am styling people.  In my experience long necklaces and three year olds can result in a black eye for the three year old and strangulation for me.  My philosophy is to style women according to their figure, their lifestyle and their budget.  For me, for next week at least, lifestyle will definitely be the dominant factor!

Oh, and a quick word about jeans.  I have found that most women don’t need to spend a huge amount on jeans to achieve the perfect fit.  A combination of Gap, Hobbs, Oasis, TopShop and Karen Millen usually does the job.  Any queries, please just ask.


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