Mum on the Run day 6 – Colour and Cashmere

Today was the day when I knew that there would be no holds barred running around – and I was right.  Talk about Mum on the Run! 

Not being a fan of jeans with running trainers, I went for the next best thing – converse style pumps. I read in a magazine that it was not the done thing to wear converse in January as it was too cold.  However I figured that February was fine and that it was more important that little one didn’t get squashed whilst we were out walking.  In any event running after her kept my feet warm.

Given that it was also a cold grey day I wanted to brighten things up, which I did with a cashmere jumper with a long sleeved top in the same colour layered underneath.  I also added a statement necklace to lift the outfit, which was short enough not to hit the little one in the face when I bent down to her.  I am pleased to say that it all did what it was meant to for the day – unlike others I could mention.

Outfit – Gap jeans long and lean, French Connection long sleeved top, Jigsaw cashmere jumper, Jigsaw necklace, Marks and Spencer sequin pumps (children’s).

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