Mum on the Run day 11 – Jeans and a dress

I really should stop wearing jeans now but…it is the weekend and as I can’t wear jeans whilst with clients, I am enjoying wearing them whilst it’s the school holidays – that’s my excuse anyway!

In any event this outfit is a dress – with jeans underneath it, so the jeans only count as an accessory (sort of).  I like this way of wearing jeans but you just have to ensure that any dress that you are wearing is above the knee and that the shape of the dress and the shape of the jeans work together.

After the photo shoot this morning I had a quiet day at home just pottering so the demands on my outfit weren’t huge but still, I wanted to feel as though I could nip out should the need arise without changing my outfit and still look OK.

Outfit: Jeans Gap, Jersey dress Jigsaw, Scarf, Leather Jacket and Boots all Oasis, Bag Miu Miu

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