The trials of finding the perfect outfit for Christmas Day

Let’s say that I was being an outfit for the day – and then let’s say that I had to choose a day when I would rather NOT be an outfit.  Which day would that day be?  Christmas Day. Without a shadow of a doubt, Christmas Day.  The demands placed on an outfit on Christmas Day far outweigh those demands placed on any other outfit – even an outfit for your wedding day.  With any luck, a wedding day is a one off – and a great day at that – so you can ignore the slightly too tight shoes, the slightly uncomfortable dress and the flippy flappy annoying thing that you have chosen to wear in your hair that day.

Christmas Day however – oh boy!  Does anyone ever feel that they have got it right?  Let’s just think about what unreasonable demands we place on our outfit for that day.  We all wake up hoping that the Christmas fairy will have deposited in our wardrobes some amazing outfit that fits well, looks great, is warm and comfortable whilst being glamarous at the same time.  The reality?  The Christmas fairy hasn’t been so we start the day feeling a bit miffed – never a good place to be when choosing an outfit.  The Christmas Day outfit has to be stylish yet practical, functional yet  beautiful, warm yet lacking in bulk, short enough and/or fitted enough to be the right side of Liz McDonald yet long enough and loose enough to play Twister.  It has to accommodate an expanding waist band, a change in body temperature as one warms up with alcohol and not crease when we finally collapse in a heap to watch TV.  So what’s a girl to do?  My advice is go all out on the red lips and nails and as for the rest?  Comfort reigns supreme and PJ’s are definitely where it is at this year.  If you are lucky the Christmas fairy will have come up trumps with some nice new ones, possibly with a bit of a cashmere number thrown in somewhere along the way but if not, well, just keep it in the family – no-one need know. Sssshhh!


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