It’s only rock and roll…

As lots of you will know, I run Style Events.  They are really busy in the lead up and I am left with little time to sort out my own clothes/hair/make-up etc.  What with also not sleeping too well (will people like the outfits or won’t they, have I catered for all tastes, budgets and bodyshapes etc) and losing my appetite, I am generally a bit of a shambles. Whilst most of the models also have children, so are therefore rushing out of the house with little time to spare, at least their outfits have been thought about and they get their make-up done professionally. 

My Mum often comes to look after the children when I am doing those events and I swear that she thinks that I can only cook one meal.  “Oh,” I say “don’t worry about the children’s meal.  I have cooked a macaroni cheese (again).”  The good thing about it is that I can prepare it weeks in advance and stick it in the freezer.  True, two have it with peas and one doesn’t, one has it with vinegar and two don’t, two like it crispy on top and one doesn’t but you know, on the whole, it works pretty well.  At that stage in the game I am usually rummaging through my dodgy make-up bag searching for my one and only vaguely decent eye shadow which sort of falls down my face after a while but hey, it’s silver and could almost pass for a highlighter – albeit in slightly the wrong place.  I am usually wearing an old dressing gown over my outfit at that stage just in case I am waved off with macaroni cheese fingers (or tears in the case of one, sometimes combined with yucky nose contents) and I have been known to open the front door and fling it back in, having left wearing it in error. Generally things come together on the night but sometimes I feel that it is all a bit precarious.  I wouldn’t be surprised if I had one of those back of the dress in the knicker moments in front of lots of people but then I figure that, having had three children, I am devoid of any dignity in any event so I don’t mind too much.  (I won’t go into the story about how our last child was delivered by the Dad of one of the pupils at our children’s school – I still can’t look him in the eye.)

I am wondering whether tomorrow might just turn into one of those “it’s not quite happening” sort of days.  I am back in to Harvey Nichols to get together the clothes for the models to wear on Thursday night.  The only problem is that when I selected the clothes over a week ago, HN couldn’t guarantee that they would have everything in stock when I needed it.  Now, there are only so many items that you can take away from an outfit before the outfit is no longer an outfit but just a pair of shoes – and then that kind of event really isn’t one that should be a fundraising event for a Children’s Hospital now is it?  So, I wait with anticipation to see what tomorrow brings.  Depending on what stock HN has, Thursday could be a huge success or it could be an unmitigated disaster.  If I feel disaster looming I might just have to head to the cocktail bar, do my make-up like Alice Cooper then tuck the back of my dress in to my knickers to create a much needed distraction.   Personally I think it sounds quite rock and roll! I will let you know how I get on.


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  1. Helen
    November 6, 2010 / 1:00 pm

    Hey! Just thought i'd let you know that i've given you a blog award 😀 Love your blog!xxx

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