Watermelons and Pumpkins

Style has well and truly escaped me this week. Take for instance the woolly socks with the jeans tucked in (very last of the summer wine) and the pink converse. Not v stylish at all but practical in many ways as I was going to go for a walk along the beach. The socks took up the extra space in the wellies, which, heaven forbid, were not allowed in the car in case I got sand in it; hence the converse. No, this week is all about kicking back, baking cakes, carving pumpkins and letting off fireworks. At the start of the week I tried to maintain some level of style with my sparkly vests, layering and animal print scarves but now I have thrown in the towel and instead am reading about those who would not be seen dead in anything but their latest finery, such as Anna Dello Rosso. I am not quite sure that I will ever feel comfortable sporting a watermelon on my head, as she did at LFW, but as for a carved pumpkin? Well, there are three gruesome looking ones staring at me as I sit outside on the verandah so you never know, I might just give them a whirl instead!


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