Stylish shoes and snowy bags

I have this list, a list in my head, of things that need doing.  It goes something like this: washing, ironing, collect parcel from post office, go to bank, get ribbons for daughter’s ballet shoes, collect new tennis bag for son, do note for the cleaners, pack for the holiday, tidy up, empty the fridges and so on.  I really need to get our son’s hair cut. He came home with his school photo the other day and I thought how much he resembled me at the same age.  Worrying on many levels but largely a) because he’s a boy and b) it was in the 70’s that I was the same age as him.  Poor chap.

Anyway, so what do I do?  None of the above jobs – they will all get done, somehow.  What I haven’t done for a long time is create a new post on my blog -so here I am.  Children number 1 and 2 are playing on the Wii – a replacement for the one that was nicked in the summer when someone decided that it would be a good idea to enter our house in the middle of the night and relieve us of ours.  Child number 3 is having her nap but my minutes are limited so I should crack on.

I have had a fab but busy time recently.  Yesterday and the day before were spent in Harvey Nichols, styling models for an event that I am doing there on 4th November in aid of Birmingham Children’s Hospital.  The models are all nurses from the hospital, which is great.  At one point I looked down and realised that I was surrounded by about £5 000 worth of shoes – Louboutins, Jimmy Choo, Gucci, Miu Miu – and none of it seemed real.  The security guard was kind enough to let me in before the store opened, so that I could get rails of clothes together.  It was eerily peaceful – just me on my own in Harvey Nichols selecting beautiful clothes.  I keep meaning to check with the Manager whether he is happy for me to wear something other than one of his brands on the night.  I hope that he will say no.

As for today – that’s a different matter.  The children have broken up from school so it’s back to the jeans, jumpers and converse.  I have to say that I am loving my new find – chunky jumpers – largely for the reason that – wait for it -surprise, surprise, they keep me warm! I have made two new purchases from COS but unfortunately I can’t show you any pictures as their things can’t be bought on line.  One is verging on the quirky side of naff as it is a cardi with snowflakes on it but I like it and it will work well with my Whistles utility trousers and heeled desert boots.  The other one is blue and white with a funnel neck which is very toasty.

So anyway, we are off to the land of warm, wet westerly winds in winter (as we were taught in Geography) otherwise known as Wales and I am sure that the chunky jumpers will come in handy when crabbing from the pier in the freezing cold.  One thing that I won’t be taking with me, as much as I love them, are these….

the LK Bennett sledge court shoe. They are a recent purchase of mine, having initially been lent to me by LK Bennett to show at a style event that I was running.  I love them because not only are they comfortable but they are really versatile –  a kind of one evening shoe fits all type of thing.  I had the beige ones in the summer and they did a great job too.  However, I doubt that they are really that comfortable when walking up Snowdon.  However I might be taking one of these…

the M&S Aspen bag – because it makes me smile and I can fit lots of snacks in it if I do make that climb.

For those of you with children, enjoy your half term break.  For those without, enjoy the peace on the roads and steer clear of the shops!


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  1. Looking Fab in your forties
    October 22, 2010 / 3:04 pm

    I know the feeling about your sons hair, I had to send the school photo back and promptly took out the clippers – like I haven't got enough to do at the moment! Hope the event goes well, I'd love to be in Harvey Nics on my own!

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