Top accessory buys from the Boden Catalogue

I was hoping to have time to do a more detailed review of my top buys from the Boden Catalogue but “the mouse” as our two year old is known has decided to go for her lunchtime nap only 25 minutes before she is due to get it will be brief, leaving me just a few minutes to flick through the new Marie Claire before I wake her up.

For now I will stick to accessories as they can be worn by all – I will address the more challenging pieces, that perhaps require a certain body shape, at a later date but for now, here goes:

Sequinned jersey scarf: £29 (page 58) : this will be a lovely addition to your autumn wardrobe; soft and due to its length, versatile.  I would advise on petrol, aubergine or magenta.  Wear from anytime now with a trench coat, denim jacket or soft leather jacket and then on through to the winter with a heavier weight coat or cape;

Messenger bag £79 or £69 (page 10): The pewter metallic is my favourite as it will go with any base dark colour.  Whilst not of the structured 1950’s variety as many bags are this season, it is a stylish but practical piece for throwing across you whilst rushing out of the door – which let’s face it, many of us do first thing in the morning (much as we would like to think that we leave the house in a serene, 1950’s type fashion!)

Velvet plimsolls £39 (page 38): An attractive and slightly more winter feel about them than the iconic converse but just be careful where you wear them.  Maybe not one to throw on when you rush out of the door (see above) but rather to think about, having considered the weather forecast.  Or you could just keep them as a much funkier alternative to slippers (and for my money much more stylish than the velvet slippers on page 44!);

Funky leopard pump £89 (page 82): Leopard print is going to be HUGE this season and these will act as a nod towards the trend without embracing it head to toe – (which I hope none of you will be doing or else you will find yourself serving behind the bar at the Rovers Return).  These will be great with a cropped trouser, fitted blazer and striped top – very left bank, another look this season which is both wearable and elegantly chic;

Patent croc moccasins £79 (page 83) – Remember the Patrick Cox loafers of the 1990’s?  Well here we go again ladies!  My advice would be to steer clear of the green ones and to head for the Rich Red or possibly the brown ones instead.  They could be a winner…or not… perhaps one to see in the flesh before making a final decision;

Ikat print scarf £29 (page 112) – a funky alternative to the ubiquitous stripes or spots and less scary (or objectionable) to some than animal print. If you want to go for the green or the yellow, be sure that it suits your skin tone as these are harder colours to wear.  Failing that, all of the other colours are lovely and also versatile. 

Skinny belt £35 or £29 (page 180) – although an accessory, belts can be hard to wear so please ask me for advice if you are not sure whether a belt will work for you or not.  If you are in the mood to embrace a belt though, skinny belts are the way forward this season.  Again, the animal print is a nod towards the trend in a subtle way.  The berry colour is nice for a contrast but if you don’t want to break up the line of your outfit too much, opt for a shade that tones in with most of your wardrobe;

Stretch boots £99 (page 222) – I have included these more because they solve a fashion dilemma for those with particularly slim lower legs, rather than because they are particularly on trend for the season.  The black wedge ones are my preferred option as they will work well with both dresses and trousers;

Chic peep toe £99/£120 (page 228) – If there is one style of evening shoe that will go with everything, this is it.  It’s a classic so it won’t date, it’s stylish, always on trend, comfortable and yes, it is OK to wear tights/hold ups with these peep toe shoes.  Black and grape are safer options by why not throw caution to the wind and go with the giraffe print instead?

Well I have strayed way past my alloted time so I will sign off now, with further updates to follow.


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