A job well done

To my mind, the shops are still at that half way house kind of stage – new autumn stock is arriving but there are still a few sale rails of printed maxi dresses hanging around with some damaged goods that no-one will ever want to buy there too, just for good measure.

For me, deciding what to buy for the next season should be a pleasurable experience, so shopping in a store where there are bits and bobs from last season hanging around and things on the floor just really doesn’t do it – it’s a bit like sitting down for a nice meal and drinking out of a chipped glass or wearing something that is just a bit too tight, or itchy- it just doesn’t feel right.

So, with that in mind – and the fact that it is the school holidays and I couldn’t shop even if I wanted to (which is more to the point, let’s be honest) I have decided to practise what I preach to my clients and to do my own Wardrobe Consultation – just to see where I am at. 

The first things that need to be sorted are the things for the dry cleaners – I am not quite sure how you politely respond to the question of whether you know the origin of the stain on your dress when you know full well that the white crusty substance originated from the nose of one of your children. I suppose that there must be a way but I don’t know it.  There is then the dilemma of whether the cost of dry cleaning your clothes is worth the time and effort involved in making the trip and whether the chemicals that you subsequently breathe in will result in a lung condition.  There is also the dilemma of whether it will be effective, or whether it is better tackle the stain with a baby wipe or stick it in the dryer with one of those dry cleaning sheets.  I can’t decide.  So I guess that I will leave that job for now.

The second things to be done is to sew all of those buttons back on to coats etc ready for the winter.  But I can’t find them and I hate doing it any way.  So I guess that I will also leave that job for now.

The third thing is to see if there is a way that I can make things that I thought didn’t work any more, now work for me, possibly by having the length alterered or having them taken in.  I know that I have a lovely velvet Jigsaw dress which could be great if it was shorter, so that’s an option – and velvet will be huge this winter; no suprises there then, velvet is huge every winter, whether we are told that it is or not.  There’s another Jigsaw black dress which has always been a “difficult” length but that too might be fine once a few inches have been removed, particularly now that I have found a good tailor.  Then there’s the other printed Jigsaw dress which I know will definitely work once it has been shortened – yes, that’s what I will do.  Except….the velvet dress always was a bit tight around the rib cage and the black dress always seemed to make me sweat a bit.  And there’s not much point in making a special trip for just one dress.  So, that’s sorted then.  I will just take all of the items out of the wardrobe and clear the space – excellent, one de-cluttered wardrobe with plenty of space for new winter additions.  Phew, what a relief to know that that’s a job well done. Now where’s my list of top buys for A/W 2010?


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