I blame Harvey Nichols

…not for the fact that I spent too much in there, but for the fact that we are now the proud owners of three goldfish – Bob, Dora and Merlin.  This is how it all began….Having just reached 40 I felt that it was my duty to consider spending some of my birthday money on an “investment” – (OK, a Mulberry handbag) and so with two of our three children in tow, we merrily headed off to Harvey Nichols, (via the local Tesco for material with which to bribe said off-spring).  On walking through the door, we spotted the Creme de la Mer counter with….the tank of fish, which of course the 2 year old loved.  Having plotted together (the persuasive power of a 2 year old is amazing) the off-spring decided that they required three fish – one for each of them and one for their brother (who was otherwise wisely engaged at tennis camp).  In my effort to say “yes” more times that I say “no” each day, I agreed.  And so here we are, three fish and one rather dis-gruntled husband later.

Anyway, the Mulberry bag. Needless to say that my favoured style was also favoured by many other women in the UK and is no longer available.  Oh well, I am sure that an equally divine style will make an appearance in the not too distant future.  As for the clothes….so wearable this year: the beautiful DVF dresses, the uniquely clever and outrageour Vivienne Westwood collection, the new Project D range by Danni Minogue (I am sooo addicted to her new series) and it’s great to Amanda Wakeley’s new collection in the store, after all her trials and tribulations. 

So, there we go, no bag, no clothes, plenty of lusting and three gold fish.  Not bad for a day’s work.


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