Sunday, 19 April 2015

A navy Zara cardi - it doesn't sound very inspiring but I like its "swish"...

Just before Christmas, when we still had a Zara - how long does it take to do a refurb? - I bought this long line navy cardi. I hadn't worn it until today but the time just felt right. I suppose it was because although a warm layer was needed, a coat wasn't - and trying to find a coat to work over this little number would be virtually impossible. It made for quite a nice feel - a bit of a "swish" without wearing a dress - and we all like a little bit of "swish" from time to time don't we?

The nearest that I could find was this black edged rib coat from Zara £39.99. I'm not sure why it's described as a coat because from its composition it looks more cardi-like and unlike the one I'm wearing it is ribbed - but for anyone looking for something that's very wearable but a little bit different, something like this could be it.


  1. I love it on you Beth, I am just a little short so can't pull it off as well x

  2. Oh I am with the Zara liverpool refit took over 4 months I had withdrawal symptoms, the cardi is fab however. X

  3. I like the look of a long cardi; so much more stylish than its shorter sibling! I might need that Zara one. Could even be nice over a shorter dress for casual holiday evenings?


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