Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Continuing on my shopping now to Whistles and Zara for some more core pieces/wardrobe staples/hero pieces!

You may remember that last week I took myself off on a shopping trip to see what I could find. At this time of year, for me at least, it's more about taking stock of what's needed to fill the gaps in my wardrobe, rather than necessarily buying into the latest trend. Also, because we've decided on our summer holiday (Cornwall and Guernsey) and because we have been to both zillions of times before, I can see what I will need for when I am away - so I'm happy to buy a few bits for that trip too. Anything else and I'm happy to wait and have a think about it!

I've seen, and styled quite a few people in the Lena Jersey Blazer Whistles (£95) and now it's my turn to have one. They are lovely - quite thick but soft too, so they give the look of a blazer - perfect for those times when you need to be warm but when a jumper just won't make the grade - whilst feeling more like a cardigan. That's my sort of clothing! Oddly there is very little difference between the sizes 4,6 and 8 - so if you do normally take an 8, don't be put off by seeing the tiny sizes - they may still fit.

Buying my New Look jeans made me realise how dire the rest of my jeans were - so rather than filling a gap, they created one, which wasn't the plan at all. I've also picked up a pair of the Maysa jeans Whistles (£95) for another try on at home, after road testing them in store a few weeks ago now. They may not stay with me but with a 25% discount, it made them a little more realistic price wise.

I'm not sure that I've ever worn a tube skirt but Whistles (£55) does a longer length one, which I could see had potential. Oddly it was also recommended in the Sunday Times Style Magazine this week - to a pregnant lady. It's so close fitting that I fear that there's a risk that this skirt could make anyone look pregnant, whether they are or not, so perhaps that's the best way to wear it - although I'm not prepared to go quite that far.  Even I draw the line somewhere.

During a brief wander around Zara this floral scarf (£17.99) revealed itself to me. I can see me wearing it with a striped top and a yellow bag - I just need to get the yellow bag now!

So far on my shopping trip I've bought navy tencel chinos and a navy striped dress from Jigsaw, the Jack Wills Liberty print dress, Whistles navy jacket, tube skirt and jeans plus the above scarf from Zara. It's unlikely that I will keep it all but I've started the ball rolling in the purchasing/returning/purchasing something else in its place merry-go-round, which tends to go on at the start of each season until all the basics are in place. Then I gradually start to add the more on trend items plus some print and colour.  Sometimes known as a capsule wardrobe, core pieces, wardrobe staples or hero pieces, I prefer to think of this lot as stuff I'll wear a lot - and a bit more than that too.


  1. Love the jacket, going to try one on today! If you see any more scarves with lots of yellow print, on your travels, please let me know! PS I have only just ordered a pair of New Balance trainers, in anticipation of a weekend away next week...I am always a bit behind trends but like to wait to see what takes off before I dive in! My Whistles purchase, btw, with the Grazia discount, was the Duffy bag in a not very Spring like black - but it has filled a black bag hole in my wardrobe and I love it.

  2. Those Whistles jeans look a really weird shape. Do they look ok on?


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