Saturday, 15 March 2014

A Saturday outfit of maximum strokability, thanks to Whistles and Zara


During a shopping trip in late January, I came upon these pony skin shoes in Whistles. They were the last pair in the shop and happened to be in my size, so I just thought that I would give them a go. Given that they fitted me, that I liked them and that they were reduced from over £200 to £60, they were just too good to pass on.

I haven't had much of a chance to wear them up until now so today, with the weather being warmer, I went for the full on strokability factor in my outfit by wearing not only the shoes but also a printed navy and black pony skin (not real) short sweatshirt style top from Zara.

In actual fact the shoes didn't stay on for that long. Not only did I have to hang the washing out but the six year old and I decided to head up to the High Street, with her on her scooter, which could only mean one thing - trainers!
For anyone interested in giving something similar a whirl, either these shoes from M&S Autograph (£55)....
...or these from M&S Collection (£39.50) are probably the closest.
Sorry for the short post but I've got a date with Mr SG and a film and it's a (very loose) rule that I don't blog at the weekend. However, having been away for a couple of days, I've really missed it!


  1. Beautiful shoes, I love the heel height and shape of them, super chic! X


    Jordan University



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