Monday, 7 October 2013

If there's one thing that I would like in my life right now...

If there's one thing that I would like in my life right now it's one - or maybe all four but that's a little greedy - of these cuffs from Jaeger (£65). I like jewellery to have something about it - whether it's smaller pieces layered together, or one more significant piece like this, if it doesn't make a statement, I don't really see the point in wearing it (sentimental pieces aside of course.)

The orange one is lovely and bright and would make a nice addition to a grey, navy or black outfit. It has enough about it to turn a very simple black jersey dress into something very stylish. I think that the orange is appropriate for the whole Halloween/pumpkin thing that will be going on soon. So that's the orange one sold to me!

I love the richness of this purple one for an evening out. Worn against a gold or black sparkly top, with black velvet skinny trousers and heels, it has quite a decadent feel about it. It reminds me of the berries that we saw when walking in Dorset this weekend - so that's a purple one sold to me too.

Now I know that not everyone likes their jewellery to stand out, so this subtle grey one would be perfect for those who don't like the idea of a bright orange one - and who prefer to know in their own minds that they have something lovely lurking under their sleeve, without advertising it to the world. I love this one for its simplicity - so that's the grey one sold too.

And the black one is just beautifully simple. I'm not really a head to toe black girl but for those who can pull it off, wearing a piece like this with their black outfit, especially with the gold detailing, can look uber chic. Not that it has to be worn with black of course. Yep, I wouldn't say no to one of these either.

What would you like in your life right now and why do I fear that I may regret asking that?!


  1. I love them ... all of them! The leather cuff has been a bit of a slow burner for me, if I'm honest, but I've now decided it's a 'must have'. Fran & Jane also have some lovely cuffs in their current selection. As to what else I would like in my life right now?? Well, just how long do you have ?!!

  2. I'm dreaming of that grey cuff! Lovely.

  3. They are lovely! I'm drooling over Oushka handbags atm & Hubby has agreed to get me one for my up & coming 40th! Super excited! Ax

  4. Oh I love the grey one! You should check out the August Woods collection from Argento, beautiful leather cuffs in various designs:)


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