Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Meet Jo - A lady with a great weight loss story who, I think we would all agree, deserves to be so very proud of herself

A while ago I was contacted by Jo who told me her story about how she had put on weight and then how she had lost it again.  Jo was happy for me to share her story, which I found incredibly inspiring. Her 18 month commitment to reach her target weight showed great resolve. This is what Jo wrote:

"Hi my name is Jo and I am a 42 year old mother of two boys. I have lost 4 stone and have gone from a size 20 to a size 12. [This is a photo of Jo prior to losing the 4 stone]

I first had an issue with my weight after my last pregnancy. I had suffered so badly with post natal depression after a horrific birth and my marriage breaking up because of it all that I just used food for comfort, I was getting bigger and bigger but because I dressed well and love fashion I could get away with still looking nice, so people said! 

Crunch time for me was when I had to be measured for my new workwear and I needed a size 20! I was so shocked and then to top it all some American relatives had come over and they speak as they see and told me how much weight I had put on!!!... However this is what I needed and I decided to get on and get the weight off. 

I did weight watchers at home and got myself a fitness DVD and did this everyday. To start with I was so worn out and my thighs were so big rubbing together I could hardly move but as the time went on it got easier. I would say it took 18 months to get to the weight I wanted to be but it was a bit too thin and people would say I looked ill!! (you can't win)!!! But it was true so I have put a bit on and feel happier and it's also a weight I can stick to. If you try to be too thin it's so hard to maintain. [Jo after having lost 4 stones]

I love fashion and clothes and not only have I done this so I can now wear skinny jeans but for my health Jo xx"

For anyone on the same journey as Jo, I am sure that she would be only too happy to answer your queries and provide you with the motivation to keep going, however tough the road ahead may look.