Friday, 24 February 2012

Mum on the Run - Time to give the trench an airing!

After yesterday's heatwave I thought that it was time to give the trench coat its first outing.  I had about five minutes to get showered and changed having been for a quick run.  I swapped the trench belt for a studded one from Topshop - which was very similar to one which I had seen in Jigsaw but which was too expensive. I also worked in my favourite Hobbs necklace and my pink Mulberry for some colour.  For me it worked fine - not too hot, not too cold, casual enough for the styling I was doing today and smart enough for the meeting that I had afterwards. 

We had a great time selecting more clothes for the event next Thursday.  Just some final bits to get and then I should be pretty much there. I keep going over in my mind whether I have covered all of the different trends/brands/bodyshapes/heel heights/colours/types of accessories/price brackets and so on.  I would like to try and please everyone but experience has taught me that it's not always possible.  Hopefully everyone will have a good time though and take away something positive from the evening.

I was hoping for a rest from shopping tomorrow - yes, even I need one occasionally!  However our eldest has other plans so back to the Bullring it is. I should just pitch a tent there and be done with it.

Hope that you all have a good weekend. Personally, I am looking forward to baking cakes with the children, going swimming and having a rest!


  1. Love your trench and the way you swapped the belt! Hope you have a good weekend:)

    1. Thanks Anne - glad that you like the belt swap. Hope you have a good weekend too! I read all of your posts last night in one go as I have been so short of time this week and just wanted to say that I love them all.


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