Saturday, 4 February 2012

Mum on the Run - a cold and snowy day but with a nice dessert!

Like everywhere else, it was freezing this morning so I put on plenty of layers and I started off wearing this.........

As the day went on and the snow arrived I progressed to this......

I was impressed that my husband actually let me wear his hat when I went out to get our daughter, as I had ridiculed it earlier in the day when we went out for lunch where, for dessert I ate this....

and to work some of it off, I  then had to do this.... several times in fact!

First outfit - Gap cargoes, Boden Jumper, Oasis cardigan and scarf, Jigsaw shoe boots;

Second outfit - Mostly too old and disgusting to mention;

Dessert - The Plough pub, Harborne. Def worth a visit!