Monday, 6 February 2012

Mum on the Run - the best way to keep upright on the ice!

It promised to be a potentially tricky journey to school this morning so I pulled out the big guns and wore my leopard print "bumper" boots. I am not quite sure why I bought them really - I think that I was having an aberration when I was pregnant with number 3 but they do a great job of a) keeping me up right on the ice and b) keeping me warm and dry.  So, for the three days a year when they make an appearance, they do a great job.

As with any trousers that are going to be tucked in, they need to be really well fitting - no baggy knees or puss in boots look! I put my boots with my navy Cos trousers,  Reiss Pea Coat, bright Jigsaw scarf and Miss Selfridge gloves.  Given there wasn't actually that much snow where this photo was taken the boots look slightly over kill but there were other tricky patches of ice to negotiate - promise!


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