Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Mum on the Run - A chapel service (or two)!

Yesterday my Mum and I attended two carol services at school.  I thought given that it was Christmas I ought to dig out my churchgoing type of gear so on went the Hobbs boughts (at least 13 years old now) a very traditional Jigsaw coat, H&M navy leather gloves and a new bag.  I kept it modern with a leopard print scarf. Actually that's a complete lie - it was just the nearest one to hand and I thought that chapel might be chilly.

On seeing the bag my son said "Oh Mum, you've got a new Mulberry."  Well identified I thought for a ten year old boy - other than the fact that it was £5 from Primark! It's great - just the right size for keys, phone, money and of course - tissues.  I am definitely turning into my Mum. I can no longer watch the children do anything without crying!! It's all downhill from here!