Saturday, 12 November 2011

Mum on the Run - jumpers are where it's at - especially if they are striped!

I think that you can tell that a small person was involved in taking this shot from the way that I am looking down.  It also explains the fact that the top of my head is missing -  but at three, said small person does very well - and this blog was always meant to be a family endeavour! 

This was our first scootering trip out this week as our youngest has had chicken pox.  As usual, I needed to be fairly hands free - it's just safer for everyone and in particular the local population - hence the cross body bag from Cath Kidston.

I was styling a lady this morning for her daughter's wedding so on returning home I chucked off the smart stuff and grabbed the closest casual clothes - which just happened to be Gap straight jeans, H&M striped top with an Oasis striped jumper over the top and a Boden jacket with a Peter Pan collar which is of the moment now but probably wasn't when I bought it two years ago - I just liked it though!  The boots are from Jones and just happened to be nearest to the front door (they are still a bit muddy from when our 12 year old borrowed them to go to a bonfire.)  She's after my LK Bennett shoes at the moment and I have told her no flippin' way.  I had to wait 40 years for them so she's not getting her mitts on them!

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