Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Mum on the Run - return of the navy!

It was only a matter of time before navy made a reappearance in my outfits.  I had a day off yesterday but unsurprisingly it returned with avengeance today! 

This morning I was doing a Wardrobe for a lovely lady and then I returned home to do some work, get ready for our holiday and, amongst other things, try on a wetsuit for size - now there's a sight!  Our twelve year old said that her wetsuit made her look larger than she really is - ha, she has no idea!  I now  have to work out how I can avoid standing next to her for a week whilst we are both wearing them - especially if there is a camera nearby!

Anyway, back to the outfit - these are some trousers that I found in Cos this week - nice thick cotton, supportive and not cut too thin in the leg - always a bonus!  The cropped length means that they will also work with flats as well as heels.  I put them with a cream silk Whistles blouse and some Zara sandals and I was done. 

Trousers Cos, Blouse Cos, Sandals Zara

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